A comprehensive and unique Adaptive Trail Rating System (ATR) developed to rate the accessibility of trails for adaptive riders.

The ATR System assesses the level of accessibility of mountain-bike trails and their associated amenities for adaptive riders. The level of accessibility (rating) allows users to determine which trails are best suited for their ability and equipment.

The elements meet a strict objective and technical auditing criteria which is physically audited, peer reviewed, assessed by us and is in line with the Australian Adaptive MTB Guidelines.

The ATR is broken down into two components and five elements each.

Each element is given an individual score of 1:Fully accessible, 0.5:Partly Accessible or 0:Not Accessible based on calculated parameters.

Trail Features
i. Trail Width
ii. Technical features and obstacles
iii. Gradient (incline)
iv. Turning Radius
v. Camber (in-slope)

Trail Amenities
 i. Parking
ii. Toilets
iii. Signage
iv. Walkways
v. End-of-trip facilities

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Want to rate trails?

The ATR system enables auditors with, and without a disability to systematically rate a trail and provide information for adaptive riders and friends.

  1. Obtain a copy of the Adaptive MTB Guidelines.
  2. Request the latest version of the ATR Auditing Worksheet (FREE with a copy of the Guidelines).
  3. Conduct the trail audit as per Guidelines.
  4. Upload the completed ATR Auditing Worksheet and submit the one-off processing fee.
  5. Check your email for confirmation that the trail(s) have been uploaded.
  6. Check your email to download a copy of the trail(s) summary and graphics.
  7. Review the trail after the recommended 12 months or after upgrades/works have been completed on the trail.