What is Adaptive MTB?

What is Adaptive Moutainbiking? Adaptive MTB (Mountain Biking) encompasses a broad range of events and riders who typically cannot ride a standard mountain bike and require adapted equipment and trails to suit their physical, intellectual, neurological and sensory abilities. There are varying adaptive mountain bikes available around the world, each designed to meet a riders specific need. […] Learn More

Equipment For Loan

Wheelchair Sports WA Association Hand-cycles One of the main initiatives for Break The Boundary with the help of Wheelchair Sports Association WA is to source funding opportunities to purchase multiple handcycles for short-term use/hire. While off-road handcycles in Australia are very limited at this stage,  Wheelchair Sports WA Association currently have 3 off-road handcycles available […] Learn More

 Handcycle Friendly Events

At the early development stage of the sport, people are still able to take part in Mountain Biking (MTB) Events along side their able-bodied counterparts. This possesses some challenges, including; narrow and technically difficult trails, long distances designed for bikes, and different average speeds. Break the Boundary closely works with race coordinators and event directors to develop […] Learn More

Popular Manufacturers

Who makes off-road handcycles? The following hand cycles are only to show some of the more established designs. There are plenty more out there! Don’t write-off independent designers who can specialise in on-off cycles, who might be able to create something more suitable for your needs. No one manufacturer is better than the other as […] Learn More

Demo Days and Clinics

With the support of others, Break the Boundary helps organise Come-and-Try days, friends and family to come down and test ride the range of handcycles in Perth, Western Australia. The 2-3 hours sessions run at the Mundaring Heritage Trail (Sculpture Park) on select weekends. Session dates and details […] Learn More

Trail Guide

There’s plenty of information on mountain bike trails, but no one knows what is accessible for a mountain trike. It’s up to us to take the trikes out and test the trails. Here’s a guide to get things ‘rolling’. [...] Learn More


Download the latest in documentation, guidelines, and signage to make your events, races and trails more accessible to adaptive riders and friends. [...] Learn More