Prestige Recognition at Annual Awards 2017

Rebound WA held their Annual Awards last week to recognise the achievements of individuals for their sporting and community successes.

This year a new award was introduced, named after Rebound WA legend and recent inductee into The Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Frank Ponta. “This Award recognises the Rebound WA member who best embodied the spirit of our Charity for the year”.

It is with great honour and pride to be the winner of this award for the first time in the associations history. The award recognised the success of the first Australian Adaptive MTB Adventure Camp, run in September.

Andrew’s efforts to create and deliver his own program to share his passions with others, and create a new opportunity for Western Australians living with physical disability were exceptional and truly embodied the spirit of the Award”.

Volunteering during spare time has it’s rewards, from meeting new and enthusiastic people to helping others discover the possibilities of exploring the mountains. Being recognised with such a prestigious award is not the reason for volunteering time and knowledge, but a fantastic and unexpected bonus.

The successes don’t come single-handed and is a combination of other volunteers who put their time, effort and money towards Break the Boundary’s mission. This award is a result of the hard work by others, pulling together and believing in the same goal.

When accepting this award, gratitude and thanks has to be acknowledged to the following people who have made sacrifices for the success of the Adventure Camp and Break the Boundary as a whole:

To get to this point, Break the Boundary has seen contributions by many more volunteers and enthusiasts who have played a role in many different ways. The following people have helped start and keep the flame burning:

  • Cameron McGavin (publicist)
  • Brad Basden and Clinton Beddall (general support)
  • Ryan Campbell (Wanneroo Physiotherapy), Bianca Haagman and Jenna Lehmann.
  • Danniel Sonnabend (Advantage Handcycles)
  • Jason Eccles (Malaga Cycles)
  • Jake O’Conner (Reactive Adaptations – Colorado USA) and Jarek (Sport-on – Poland)
  • Lee Walker, Jason Dover, Chris Heverin and the plethora of staff (Cape to Cape MTB)
  • Jamie Bennett and staff (Outdoors WA)
  • Steve, Ara , Gemma , Gareth, Jacquie, Mitchell, Antoni and staff (Dept. Local Gov. Sports and Cultural Industries)
  • Matthew Popham (KPMG)
  • Tim Rosser, Shane Williams and Ivan Svenson (Kalamunda MTB Collective)
  • Matt Elwes and Aidon Thomas (support riders)
  • Mark, Jenny and Jason (Rock n’ Roll MTB)
  • Chris Park (Perth MTB Club)
  • Steve Janiec (WA Gravity Enduro)
  • Kyle Walter (The Local Spokesman)
  • John West (forefather of support riders)
  • Adam Wolski (Coaching)
  • Warren Lane, Jamie Whitworth, Seb Mitaros, Justin Kerr, Steve and Naomi Gwynne, Matthew and Chrissy Kavanagh, Howard Van Der Klauw, Andy Pinsent, Matthew Collins, Mandy Monsour, Ryan and Marnie Goostrey (“Queensland Massive”)
  • Andy Hardy (Hunter MTB Association) and Hank Duchatau (Coffs Harbour)
  • Campbell Message, Mark Soyer, Jo and Xena (Falls Creek Resort Management), Gill Dobson (Mt Buller Resort Management), Neil Fisher (Disability Winter Sports Australia) and Andy Rails
  • Ashley Morrison (Not the Footy Show)
  • Ruslan Kulski (ABC South West)
  • Disability Sports Australia and Disability Sports & Recreation Victoria
  • Esme Bowen (advocate) and Rob Coleman (former Munda Biddi Trail Foundation)
  • Emily Dimozantos, Nick Cambridge, Travis Deane, Kirk Norman and Gary Andrews (photography and media)
  • Megan Dimozantos and Jody Blatchley (New Zealand)
  • Mick and Chris (Flow Mountain Bike)
  • The many supporters and fans that have cheered us along through events, races and on the trails
  • And last, but not least, all of the family that has put up with the stresses over the years!

A mention also has to go the Be Active Perth Wheelcats – from coaching to players who have embraced the pursuit of Break the Boundary while being part of the team and competing in the National Wheelchair Basketball League.

The award is named after a legend within the sporting community who drove the development of programs and individuals from grass roots to elite athletes. Looking at the award as it proudly stands on the highest shelf in the house, it serves as a reminder that in years to come we will be looking back at moments like this and realising the full extent of what adaptive mountain biking has done for peoples lives and how far it has come from a mere dream.


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