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    • Andrew

      Thanks for showing us this, Mike! Looks like plenty of people have used the kneeling handcycles with dogs for mushing. They’re perfect for it!

  1. Hank

    Hi Andrew how did the cape to cape go, how did you go and did the new cycle get a go.
    Cheers Hank

  2. Avatar

    I have a client who has a lumbar spinal chord injury leaving him paraplegic. He is keen to have a recumbent Handcycle . He is only 8 years old, and his leg length – from the seat back to the soles of his feet is 760mm .This lad is very athletic , and it is important that he has a bike that is his size and is efficient to give him opportunities to ‘be a kid’!
    I did have a model to show him but the movement of the front wheel when steering impacted on his legs so this was not a good design. Do you have any ideas to offer?- we are in Adelaide, thanks, Jill

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