Just under a year since last years Cape to Cape and AMB Magazine have released another short article. Grab the latest August-September edition now for a read about the technical side of the equipment. Page 109.




After 5 years since my mountain biking accident in 2008, and with the help of fellow riders, I managed to return to the scene of the accident and removed the chip from my shoulder. Read the full story in the September issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine and check out my full blog write-up on the event.



AMB did a feature piece on the 2013 Cape to Cape with a short mention of the hand cycling effort of Andrew and Jon.

Cape to Cape 2013 Andrew Liddawi Handcycling Offroad Australia


Thanks to my awesome photographer and her sister (whose lines don’t stop at the trails, but extend onto paper) I have been put onto a glossy mountain biking magazine, SPOKE.


If you have the time, drop into your local news agency and grab a hold of the September 2013 edition and flick to page 28 and 29. Alternatively, you can check out their website and buy a digital copy for less than $5 AUD!!!

If you just want to read the damn article already and not worry about the rest, here’s an electronic copy:


Thanks again to Emily and Megan Dimozantos  and SPOKE magazine for helping get the message out there!

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