Post-Cape to Cape 2013: Success and Failure

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail

― Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Cape to Cape is over and the wounds have healed. The body has had time to recover and the mind to recollect on the failures and successes that lead to creating Australian mountain biking history.

Read the full write-up about Break The Boundary’s Cape to Cape MTB ride.

Radio interview with Jon and myself.

Watch the official 1 hour SBS TV Documentary NOW!

Additional Highlights…








4 comments on “Post-Cape to Cape 2013: Success and Failure

  1. Henry Duchateau
    Henry Duchateau

    I saw your SBS Documentary, liked the show, I am interested in hand cycling and am in the process of getting a Top End CC machine, I want to do mountain biking with the local club here in Coffs Harbour.
    I have suggested that we should look at a track that can take hand cycles, I am also into Kite Chairing that is 5 meter kite with a freewheel on front of my wheelchair. If you type in kite chairing you will see some videos on youtube.

    • Andrew

      Hi Henry,
      Thanks for the message!
      I’ll drop you an email in response to this message and we can discuss further.

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