Beginners Handcycling Clinic 0 – Demo Day (Perth, Western Australia)

A  2-day program has been created for anyone who wants to experience off=road trails on a handcycle. You decide how many days you want to be involved with! Clinics are run by qualified coaches and guides with years of experience.

Each day will improve a range of skills which are necessary for a safe and enjoyable off-road experience. The clinics are designed to add new technical elements each time and progress your knowledge, skills & confidence. For full clinic details and registration, visit: or REGISTER NOW!

Clinic 0: Come and Try Day – 24th September 2016

Where: Sculpture Park, Mundaring    Trail: Railway Heritage Trail

Distance: 500m                     Duration: 1 – 4 hours              Free Sausage Sizzle & Drinks

Focus: Learning about and trying out new equipment.         Cost: $20/participant

Family and Friends: Welcome to attend for FREE (non-participant).

You will be introduced to a range of off-road hand cycle trikes which are suited people with varying abilities. After a short introduction to the sport, equipment, trails and events, safety, and you will learn about the handcycles pros/cons. Before getting the chance to try each of the handcycles, you will be shown:

  • Different ways to transfer,
  • Body straps and belts,
  • How to pedal, steer and brake, and
  • How to pedal and shift gears.

Note: Not all handcycles may be suited to you, but there will be at least one that suits you. Our friendly volunteers will do everything to make you as comfortable as possible.

Once you jump into a handcycle you will be lead out by one of our Mountain Bike Guides who will take you around a small,  wide stretch of the Railway Heritage trail (former train route turning into a compact, pea-gravel pedestrian and push-bike trail.

First ever Australian off-road demo-day 2015

Handcycles are provided for you at the clinics and are included in the cost of your participation fee.
For a description on each type of handcycle, visit:

off-road handcycle comparison guide
^CLICK TO ENLARGE^ – General Guide for Off-road Handcycle Beginners

Suitability will depend highly on the individuals ABILITY and FUNCTION. Please consider:

  • All handcycles requires a moderate level of  finger dexterity to use the brake and gear shifting leavers.
  • A good grip of the handles is needed. Straps can be used to secure hands.
  • Balance requirement increases with the difficulty level of the handcycle.
  • Transferring in/out of recumbent handcycles is easier than kneeling trikes.
  • Kneeling handcycles require good hip and knee flexion.
  • Extra padding and straps are available.

What to bring
In addition to what you would normally bring when going out, please bring the following:

  • Enclosed shoes.
  • Comfortable clothing (not too tight or loose).
  • Sun cream.

Recommended items to bring include the following:

  • Water bottle & snacks.
  • Off-road wheelchair wheels.
  • Gloves.
  • Sweat towel.

To register for any of the clinics you wish to participate in, please go through the Rock n Roll MTB website. Spectators, family and carers are welcome to attend any of the days as ‘non-participants’ at no cost.


Anyone who registers as a participant is welcome to attend the Level 0 ‘Come and Try Day’ without requiring a high level of fitness. For Level 1 ‘Try the Trail’ it is expected that you have a basic level of fitness for riding the distances described below each section.

If you regularly use a mobility device, you are expected to transfer yourself or attend with your carer to assist in transferring. The coaches will be able to assist at a limited capacity. Demonstrations will be provided to show the safest ways to transfer, however you know your ability best!

The information and resources below have been made available to help you determine if you have an appropriate level of fitness. Speak with your GP for any concerns you have for specific medical conditions.

At any time during any of the clinics, you are allowed to withdrawa from participation. If there are any safety of health concerns that may affect your level of participation, please notify staff in advance.

How to get there
Sculpture Park is located approximately 20 minutes East from Perth CBD and has plenty of sealed parking and pathways. Follow the Google Maps directions to the main carpark. There you will find “Rock n Roll Mountain Biking” signage to direct you to our setup. ACROD bays are limited, so first-in best-dressed.


Off-Road Hand Cycling Inquiries

Registration & Clinic Inquiries
Rock n’ Roll MTB  Website
Phone Jenny: 0410 949 182

Resources & Supporters
Kalamunda MTB Collective      
Mountain Biking Association   
Wheelchair Sports WA Association
Munda Biddi Trail Foundation 


2 comments on “Beginners Handcycling Clinic 0 – Demo Day (Perth, Western Australia)

  1. Avatar
    Brett Wright

    I’m wanting to try a hand cycle but I’ve only got one arm

    • Avatar

      Hi Brett. Do you have use of your legs/feet? If so and if there aren’t any major problems with your balance, then a standard MTB will do the trick! Or a recumbent leg trike would be another alternative.

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