Break the Boundary comprises of adventure enthusiasts who volunteer their time to help spread the message of adaptive mountain biking around Australia.

Team members take different roles to help people with a physical disability accomplish and break different boundary’s, such as the annual Cape to Cape MTB race in Western Australia.

Constantly being at the forefront of Australian history, the team continues to expand, diversify and help each other were possible and accomplish more brazen feats each year!

General Support

We volunteer our spare time to help people connect with Breaking the Boundary and don’t charge for any  services, but we are more than happy to provide free advice to get more people active!

Andrew (WA)
Founder & Blogger
I set out on a mission early 2011 to rediscover mountain biking on a handcycle after a bad MTB accident in 2008 which left me completely paralyzed from the waist down. After several events and many rides around Australia, I get a drive from bringing new riders into the slowly developing sport of Off Road Handcycling during my spare time while advocating for more inclusion around WA and other states in Australia.
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Cam (VIC)
Cameron’s media background encompasses two decades and stints at leading motor magazines and newspapers. My passion for cycling predates my media career – I pinned my first racing number onto a jersey way back in 1989, and in my downtime I can still be found either on the road or out on the trails. I met Andrew while contesting Cape to Cape 2013 for an AMB Magazine feature story and was inspired to join Break The Boundary’s push to expose and legitimise the sport of off-road hand-cycling in Australia.
Clinton (WA)
General Support and Marketing Assistant
Clinton is a communications graduate who has been honing and applying his trade at Break the Boundary. “I have always had an immense respect for individuals, including athletes, who scoff at adversity. The handcyclists and volunteers in this group exemplify this. Truly - it is a pleasure and a privilege to be a such a minor cog in the Break the Boundary machine.”
Emily (TAS)
Emily’s experience as an official photographer for clients such as the New Zealand Female 24hr Solo Enduro Mountain Biking Team, USA based companies Finisherpix and MarathonFoto and Ironman Triathlon Australian organisers USM Events has ensured she is right in the thick of things; anticipating the range and movement of the activity to readily achieve the perfect shot.
Ryan (WA)
I have experienced traveling both interstate and overseas with sporting teams, including my current position as team physiotherapist for the Australian U/23 Men’s Wheelchair Basketball team. I’m also the current team physiotherapist for the Wanneroo Wolves in the WA State Basketball League. I have extensive involvement with a number of state junior AFL and basketball teams, and I provided physiotherapy cover in the Women’s National Basketball League. I've been helping Andrew out with his handcycling feats at Cape to Cape 2013 and 2014 with his treatment requirements.
Rich (WA)
Lead Support Rider

Support Riders

Support riders volunteer their time, when available, to help handcyclists with a range of things including; general support, transferring, heavy lifting, transporting and assisting up steep climbs and technical features. As the variety and number of events and races increase, so to does the number of ‘independent rides’ where a support rider isn’t necessarily required but optional. Meet some of the passionate support riders:

Matt (WA)
Support Rider
Warren (QLD)
Support Rider
Tim (WA)
Support Rider & KMBCC
Jon (WA)
Support Rider
I first learnt about Break the Boundary when a friend of mine put out an online call for a mountain bike rider with a disability who needed a support rider to help him complete the Cape To Cape MTB race 2013. After speaking with Andrew only a few days before the event, I wasn’t too sure what to expect! After completing the 3rd stage of the Cape, with some serious physical and mental challenges – I don’t regret taking the call.
Freddy (WA)
Support Rider
I am a very keen Mountain biker at heart, from riding to exploring. I have known Daniel for a while now but only really got to know him after his accident. I worked at Shenton Park as a Prosthetist, so I get to meet a lot of people who have their lives changed from accidents and injury. I did not have to be asked twice when Dan asked me to assist him in the Cape to Cape 2014. That is what Mountain biking is all about for me - sharing the moment with other mountain bikers!