Our vision

"Mountains, oceans and off-road terrain are not boundaries!"

What we do

Break The Boundary advocates for accessibility and inclusion of people with physical and neurological disabilities in Mountain Biking (recreational and sports) and acts as a central hub for people seeking information about Adaptive Mountain Biking around Australia. We also run annual camps, clinics and riding groups and manage guidelines to help give others direction.

Break the Boundary was founded in 2012 and is not-for-profit, strictly volunteer based and is not affiliated with any businesses. We don't get paychecks because our joy of helping others is payment enough! Meet the team.


To empower people with physical disabilities to go beyond flat surfaces, out of their comfort zone, and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible.


With the right tools on the right terrain and with the right attitude, anyone can experience the thrills and joy of being off-road in Australia.


  • Provide accessible social and recreational outdoor events for people with a disability, their families and friends in areas of challenging terrain.
  • Sourcing and managing adaptive equipment which help overcome obstacles and difficult terrain in the great outdoors.
  • Advocate for mountain bike and walking trail accessibility by collaborating with other associations and clubs.
  • Advocate for inclusion of adaptive categories within existing and future sporting and recreation events by collaborating with other associations, clubs, charities and government departments.
  • Consult in activates involving off-road trail and path audits, accessible trail design and trail upgrades.
  • Establishing and managing an online database of accessible off-road trails in Australia.
  • Establishing and managing best-practice guidelines for inclusion of people with disabilities in mountain biking, mountain hiking, trail walking, parks and beach access.
  • Source funding for activities, equipment, operational expenses and future opportunities for inclusion which satisfy the Association’s vision.